Gorgeous Summer House With Beach View in Chile

Rabanua House was envisioned as a summer vacation house, where times of rest can wonderfully be combined with other form of activities. Spacious and breezy, the home features several volumes and cut outs that favour stunning views over the sea, on one of many sides. The project was designed by DX Arquitectos in Coquimbo Region, Chile, spreading on 280 square meters. The overpowering site embraces solitude and relaxation, disconnecting you from the routine. The owners are a family inclusive of three generations, so the concept of relaxing and spending quality time faraway from home needed to be implemented in various forms. The best benefit of this house is its location. The home overlooks the beach and the water. Each morning is a reason to enjoy life and explore the endless blue dimension, when you hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline.Rabanua Home is besides gorgeous and modern, an oasis of peace and serenity, a temple for the body, mind and soul. The home is split in two different living areas (marked through two different concrete blocks) united through a clear gallery that permits circulation and communicates with the remainder of the home. Moreover, the internal exhales transparence and brightness, establishing also a distinct relationship between the inner living space and the outside. The panoramic views are the house’s greatest asset.

Exotic Thailand Villa Unveiling Panoramic Views of the Phuket Foothills

With a privileged location oceanfront at the picturesque Cape Yamu at the east coast of Phuket, Villa Padma unveils panoramic views towards the Phuket foothills. Consistent with the official description, guests at Villa Padma might be welcomed by the display of colours from the luxurious greenery of the mangrove forest right into a laid-back holiday retreat. The foremost building features four extravagantly sized bedrooms positioned privately amongst unique living areas to enjoy and share with family and friends.

The most appealing component to the full villa is definitely one of the 25-meter pool with submersed beds: “An evening cocktail can also be shared within the water fringed sunken sala before dining under the uniquely luminescent ox bone chandeliers inside the vaulted fore-room. The poolside parlor on the heart of the villa is the correct rendezvous for guests to switch tales in their day’s adventures“. Other captivating features include a generously-sized game room, home cinema system, BBQ pavilion and extensive garden play area.

Contemporary Alpine Architecture: Chalet Canelle in Tyrol, Austria

Offering a contemporary vision of a ski getaway, architectural firm
According to the architects, “the layout of every apartment was designed to use the panoramic views. Interiors employ locally sourced materials inspired by the natural surroundings – stone, wood, glass and fur. It was important that each one apartments receive their individual identity while preserving the nature of the total building”. How would you touch upon the design approach for this Austrian mountain chalet? Do you think it blends in with the assumption of a comfy mountain retreat?

Contemporary House Displaying Rustic Nuances in Sydney, Australia

Located nearby the seashore, the Quarterdeck House, designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects in Sydney, Australia is an outstanding example of recent residence, that blends perfectly contemporary elements of design with rustic nuances. “Located high at the shores of Little Bay, the Quarterdeck Home is portion of an award winning subdivision of land in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The grounds on which the home is built belonged to a coastal hospital that was later the site of the historical installation artwork Wrapped Coast – 1000000 Square Feet by Cristo and Jeanne-Claude”. The home with stone cladding favours stunning views over the sea. With its “café au lait” colours, the Quarterdeck Home is like a breath of unpolluted air, a temple of relaxation, that offers the foremost amazing panoramic views and creates the ideal atmosphere for a carefree lifestyle.The inside is bright, properly ventilated and it borrows a few of the landscape’s natural feel: pebbles perceived as elements of décor, stone-like details. The open space front room features furniture items in earthy colours. The all-white kitchen is seamlessly integrated into the living room’s décor, showcasing a minimalist, yet pleasant design. The terrace, located at the first floor, is additionally a superb place to sit down and revel in the dusks and dawns, while exploring the limitless horizon.