Compact Two-Story House Keeping The Noise Away in Tokyo, Japan

Compact living generally is a wonderful experience considering that that the inner of this kind of dwelling is often cozy and functional. The home in Mishuku II is a fascinating residential project, a type of compact Japanese homes, designed by Back in 2004, the home was envisioned as a comfy home for a married couple. Meanwhile, the family expanded, so the home had also to expand too. Luckily, a second structure may be built nearby. “When building a home in a densely populated area, an issue arises regarding even if to have windows facing the exterior because it can provide a feeling of openness nevertheless it sacrifices certain degrees of privacy. At first sight the flat, cubic building seems somewhat detached from the environment, yet once inside, it’s remarkably open and airy since part of the ceiling opens as much as the sky.” The inside is fluid, there aren’t any partitions and there’s a cut out within the ceiling, allowing the sunshine to sneak inside.

Residential Project in Mexico Advocating Deconstructive Design: Casa Gòmez

The assumption of distorting and fragmenting walls, roofs or interior volumes is the idea for the architecture current called “Deconstructivism”. Casa Gòmez developed by SO Studio in Cancun, Mexico is a residential project exhibiting the up-mentioned characteristics. The avant-garde building looks visually created by broken rhythms, randomly positioned walls and unexpected inclinations.In line with the architects, “the design is organized by combining interior and exterior areas as a single space through big hidable windows, thus favouring the foremost views to the canal and the hotel zone of Cancun. The selecting of fabrics and textures was key to create unusual environments of marked avant-garde tendency, combining the balance some of the apparent concrete walls, granite and wooden flooring, big windows and the glass and alluminum covers, besides specific Bisazza mosaic accents”. Clearly visible from distant, Casa Gòmez adds to the list of highly modern Mexican landmarks.

Stylish Home in Neutral Colours Designed by Kariouk Associates in Ontario, Canada

The  Westboro Home in Ontario is a residential project designed by Kariouk Associates. The home responds to the wishes of the clients. They wanted a bright and lively home, yet intimate (with a feeling of privacy). The home displays an attractive exterior (half black, half white), large windows and a garden choked with ornamental plantings. “The garden takes a “bite” out of the tight, permissible building area, nonetheless it allowed for an in depth amount of glass that otherwise, by using restrictive building code requirements, wouldn’t be possible. The courtyard’s lot-line side remains open, while its three interior sides are packed with windows and produce natural light into the center of the house on both living floors.”

The lush vegetation surrounding the home keeps away the curious eyes of the passers-by and it creates that non-public green oasis, enhancing the sensation of freedom. It also establishes a connection between the inhabitants and the outside environment. The “colorful” and kooky (black and white) structure makes it stand out, emphasizing certain details: “the entry stair/foyer volume is clad in white masonry which will visually advance and welcome visitors towards the walkway (while the amount housing primary living spaces in addition to the garage below is clad in black clapboard so that it will recede from the sidewalk).” The neutral colors dominate also the inner, unveiling a classy and coquette open space front room, an uncluttered kitchen and overall, a chic living space.

The only-Storey Slightly Inclined Modern House Overlooking the Alps

With an exquisite and relaxing view, the home at Zimmerberg Bottom is a residential project designed by Rossetti + Wyss Architekten in the region of Lake Zürich. The home, situated  on slightly sloping site, frames the views of the Alps and naturally, the lake. Each view is worth one thousand words. “The construction is defined by a guide wall and angular concrete wall establishing the diagonal panorama towards the lake.” The house’s rectangular shape is done by the mix of horizontal and vertical elements which confers a sculptural quality to the structure. Being constructed on a sloped piece of land, some areas – being raised are more private than others.
When it involves materials, the home encompasses a concrete limestone exterior, oak finishings and a fascinating decorative interior courtyard. The inside of the home is painted in light colours, the furniture has also a lightweight timber colour, exhaling breeziness, warmth and ease. The furniture is available in simple geometric shapes and it looks slightly solid. Wood is the most important material used for decorating the inside of the home and it establishes a different dialogue with the outside environment. 

Cozy Modern Landscape-Inspired Home Displaying Earthy Nuances in Bellevue, Washington

The Sibley Wood is a residential project in Bellevue, Washington designed by Chesmore | Buck Architecture. The trendy house, nicely decorated, meets the expectations of the clients, a tender family looking for a comfy, inspiring home. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame surrounding views and make allowance the sun to flood the inner with warmth. Earthy tones of colour enrich the décor and enhance the sensation of coziness, transforming a typical place right into a welcoming, lively home that blends with the landscape in harmonious bless. The home is split in two different areas: one accommodating the living space and the second one including the guest quarters, the bedrooms and the utility space.Surrounded by lush vegetation, the  Sibley Wood is a very inspiring home that deeply connects the inhabitants with our environment. The inner, boasting wooden decorations and lots of granite and marble surfaces, exhales comfort and it reminds you of the outside. It also feels more spacious than it actually is, because of the transparence that characterises where. Peaceful and relaxing, this Bellevue house, located next to a wooded knoll, is the ideal place to disconnect from the dreadful routine.

Contemporary Monolithic House With a Frame by Andrea Oliva Architetto

Meet Casa Sulla Morella, a beautiful sustainable house equipped with solar panels, designed by Andrea Oliva Architetto in Castelnovo Sotto, Reggio Emilia, Italy. The residential project has an intriguing smart design aiming to get the maximum of the sun’s light and heat while keeping a really modern look. ”Inserted between rural landscape and observer to 60 mt from the line, suspended by the bottom to protection of the tall stratum of superficial wather and to memory of the installations “terramare”, the residence consists of 2 staggered elements to northeast: the porch or climatic mitigator and the housing space or insulating body.”Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to flood the inside making a warm home environment. The rectangular parallelepiped house, with a white frame surrounding it, is structured on two levels. It boasts a big cut out, which create a mystical atmosphere during nighttime. Because of the special lighting system, the home literally glows in the dead of night. Its monolithic aspect and its simplicity make Casa Sulla Morella stand out. The internal is bright, airy and the dominant colours are different shades of browns and beige.