Secluded House Integrated in a Forest Reserve: The Ruben Dishdishyan Retreat

According to Russian architect Nicholas Lyzlov who developed Ruben Dishdishyan Retreat, the landlord wanted a crib that was “closed from the neighbors, but in addition completely open to nature. The rear facade of the home is entirely open – there are huge windows and the entire rooms can see the forest. The home is sort of a fairytale.” Brick and wood were chosen as exterior finishes, strongly rooting the project in its environment, a forest reserve in Benelux where local regulations only allowed building on a surface of 4 hundred square meters (4300 square feet).
As you step inside, the soberness slowly melts or even though you’re greeted by rooms with tall ceilings, the entire sensation is that of heat and coziness. The colourful ceiling within the lounge adds just a little playfulness to an interior where social interaction is thus encouraged. The other details you locate appealing?
The residence was integrated in a forest reserve in Benelux, where building was only allowed on a surface of 4 hundred square meters (4300 square feet).