Secluded House Integrated in a Forest Reserve: The Ruben Dishdishyan Retreat

According to Russian architect Nicholas Lyzlov who developed Ruben Dishdishyan Retreat, the landlord wanted a crib that was “closed from the neighbors, but in addition completely open to nature. The rear facade of the home is entirely open – there are huge windows and the entire rooms can see the forest. The home is sort of a fairytale.” Brick and wood were chosen as exterior finishes, strongly rooting the project in its environment, a forest reserve in Benelux where local regulations only allowed building on a surface of 4 hundred square meters (4300 square feet).
As you step inside, the soberness slowly melts or even though you’re greeted by rooms with tall ceilings, the entire sensation is that of heat and coziness. The colourful ceiling within the lounge adds just a little playfulness to an interior where social interaction is thus encouraged. The other details you locate appealing?
The residence was integrated in a forest reserve in Benelux, where building was only allowed on a surface of 4 hundred square meters (4300 square feet).

Uniquely Built Sustainable House in Ballarat, Australia by Rachcoff Vella Architecture

Rachcoff Vella Architecture designed this Piermont project, a personal residence located in Ballarat, Australia, back in 2012. Uniquely built and inspired by the wilderness, the home features three wings, spreading out into the landscape, as a way to connect the home with the location. It took 12 months to completely develop the plan and another twelve to finish the project. Functional and sustainable, Piermont showcases an intriguing design, with contours respecting the lines of the land and a comfortable interior, characterised by openness and transparence. Sustainability played a tremendous role in defining the project: the house’s orientation favours sunlight in the course of the winter and it comes equipped with hydronic slab heating, solar hot water system and photovoltaic panels.The only plan home is divided in several areas (wings). The intersection of those areas (wings) is an oblong glass box, housing the kitchen, the dining area and a small luminous front room. The glass box allows an honest circulation into the house’s wings and it favours social interaction. It’s also the brightest area. The Piermont house features also an external swimming pool and a small and coquette lounge area.

Minimalist Zen-Like Barn With External Cladding in Ottawa, Canada

Designed by the Canadian architects, Christopher Simmonds, the Zen Barn is a modern house in Ottawa, Canada. The volumetric house, spreading over 3,100 square meters, features white oak external cladding and floor-to-ceiling windows, making a warm and transparent home environment. Quite spacious, it accommodates four bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and naturally, a social interaction area, containing a neat, uncluttered front room and an impeccable kitchen. A staircase of commercial inspiration, with metallic and wooden finishings, allows vertical circulation. The neutral interior (we observe the presence of various shades of brown, beige, white and gray) is “interrupted” by splashes of red. Looking for harmony, the architects tried to bring the exterior, in the house.
The interior boasts a wierd combination of glossy and unpolished, an inspired mix, where rough wood meets super shiny surfaces. ”Heated exposed concrete floors ensure comfort inside the presence of huge glazed areas. Cabinetry in matte white lacquer and stained ash veneer flow throughout the interconnected kitchen, living and dining spaces.”

Gorgeous Two-Story Penthouse at the Lower East Side in Manhattan

Long island is an inspiration. A way of thinking, a vibration, an eccentric and complicated city. i’m pretty sure that all of us have our NY moments: the overpowering accelerated rhythm, the swarm of folks, the streets, the coffee shops, the opportunities – a lot of these things make people say you’ven’t fully lived until you have explored the wonders of recent York. Now, on the subject of wonders, Manhattan is undoubtably, the best of all of them. When you’re currently searching for a house, here’s our recommendation: a pleasing $ 5,950,000 two-story penthouse, at the Lower East Side. You will discover out more in regards to the selling on Douglas Elliman’s website.
With a dazzling view over Manhattan’s skyline, the beautiful penthouse comprises three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a spacious front room, a house theater and an opulent seating area with a jacuzzi at the terrace. The terrace is an excellent option for social interaction. You are able to sit and relax over multiple icy drinks or ask your folks to affix you for barbecue. Yes, the terrace accommodates also a barbecue area! The inner is bright, cheerful (the orange splashes) and fluid, there are not any doors and there’s a definite form of breeziness dominating the inner.