Extravagant Modern Living in South Africa: SAOTA’s Kloof 151 Project

Kloof 151 project is a 3 storey building with parking envisioned and implemented by SAOTA in Cape Town, South Africa. The enormous entrance to the basement allows direct sunlight and a pleasantly warm entrance to the home. On the ground floor, the primary front room enjoys an ideal position overlooking Clifton. The vast majority of the living levels – including the open plan kitchen – open onto the big well covered terraces to the West or North facing the mountain slope and Lion’s Head.The acute heat and glare of the setting sun is addressed by the cantilevering balconies, extended irregular and striking hardwood screens and motorized vertical fabric blinds. These devices consisting of the performance glazing cause an all year round cool interior. The floor floor is bisected by a double volume to enhance the spatial experience and create a dialogue with the double volume stairwell towards the rear. The primary floor of the home accommodates 4 en-suite bedrooms, a gym and a studio space. To attenuate the effect of glare experienced on the house, the finishes palette is rich and in deep colors. Bedrooms are generally lighter and contemporary with accents of classic pieces of furniture and a fresh fabric selection that create tranquil spaces. [Photos and data provided via e-mail by SAOTA]

a continuing Spatial Experience: The Cedar Park House in Seattle

Peter Cohan completed the design of Cedar Park House, a beautiful two-story residence, in Seattle, Washington. Breezy and bright, the relaxing home features an open space lounge. The home was built to satisfy the wishes of the clients, who wanted a stress-free living environment, strongly connected to the outside. The home opens as much as the courtyard, where the owners can enjoy blissfully the natural surroundings.

“The Cedar Park responds on to the predicament posed by the positioning – that its most appropriate location also is its most fragile. The building is shaped by the interaction of site-cast concrete walls and water-collecting roofs. While the transparency of the home creates a unbroken spatial experience, connecting in and out.” Concrete meets wood, making a wonderful modern and (rustic) organic home. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the natural light to flood the inner and create that perfect serene home ambience. The inner feels uncluttered and relaxed, offering to the owners freedom of movement and peace of mind. The lounge boasts a lovely fireplace and favours a surprising view over the bay.