Gorgeous Summer House With Beach View in Chile

Rabanua House was envisioned as a summer vacation house, where times of rest can wonderfully be combined with other form of activities. Spacious and breezy, the home features several volumes and cut outs that favour stunning views over the sea, on one of many sides. The project was designed by DX Arquitectos in Coquimbo Region, Chile, spreading on 280 square meters. The overpowering site embraces solitude and relaxation, disconnecting you from the routine. The owners are a family inclusive of three generations, so the concept of relaxing and spending quality time faraway from home needed to be implemented in various forms. The best benefit of this house is its location. The home overlooks the beach and the water. Each morning is a reason to enjoy life and explore the endless blue dimension, when you hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline.Rabanua Home is besides gorgeous and modern, an oasis of peace and serenity, a temple for the body, mind and soul. The home is split in two different living areas (marked through two different concrete blocks) united through a clear gallery that permits circulation and communicates with the remainder of the home. Moreover, the internal exhales transparence and brightness, establishing also a distinct relationship between the inner living space and the outside. The panoramic views are the house’s greatest asset.

Remote Luxury Chalet Surrounded by Natural Delight: Lower Foxtail Residence

Combining a demand for luxury with the newest ideas in modern decor, Reid Smith Architects completed Lower Foxtail Residence, a “sparkling residence of glass and clean lines tucked in among predominantly rustic cabins within the Yellowstone Club.” With a remote location and lots of lush greenery surrounding the building, this Montana house raises the bar on the subject of contemporary US living. Its exterior defined via stone, wood and glass somewhat manages to conceal the design treats inside
There is more to this place than initially meets the attention and entering into the generously-sized open plan living area will prove just that. In step with the architects, the whole South-facing wall is constructed of triple-pane Unilux windows to capture stunning views of the environment. The social area is stuffed with natural light, emphasizing at the hi-end design features throughout. The whole dark color palette ensures a chic feel and redirects the eye at the natural delight outdoors. 

Contemporary One-Level Family House By Stephenson ISA Studio

a calming ambience, lush vegetation and a bright and breezy house – meet House 780, a project designed by Stephenson ISA Studio, in Manchester, England. The client’s former house had minimal views over the environment. With a further orientation, the home could had captured the essence of the landscape. So, the challenge was to switch the house’s orientation, that allows you to benefit from the site’s topography and expose stunning views around the surroundings of Halebarns, Manchester. “The type of the building is shaped by two blocks, set at different levels, considered one of which includes a double height living space that takes benefit of the sites topography and gives views around the surrounding landscape via full height 5m glazing to the South elevation.”
 The house is additionally accessed via two bridges: a vehicle bridge and  a pedestrian one. The pedestrian bridge carries your steps directly onto the mezzanine floor. Once inside, you see the intense and warm living environment.  The front room is flooded by light, end result of the glass panels (floor-to-ceiling windows) that replace the regular walls. If you feel like enjoying moments of tranquility, you can simply opt for a walk around or sit within the garden, exploring from there, the wonders of the encompassing landscape.