Modern Meets Traditional: The stunning Hawthorn House in Melbourne, Australia

After several incomplete renovations, the Hawthorn project became a major matter. ”The task was two fold, firstly to consolidate and reinstate the present heritage parts and secondly to create a brand new architectural  language that will transform the rear and become the soul of the recent indoor and outdoor living areas.” To get a more robust understanding of this project and the way it evolved, it is advisable know when did all of it begin. Back within the 1900s, a Victorian brick edifice was transformed right into a real home, separated into four units, grouped around a central light well. Since then, other small “improvements” were made, leaving the home in a highly dysfunctional state.When AM Architecture took control over the project, the team of architects already knew what were the “damages” and came rapidly with a plan. The outdoor area became one of several focus points. There are a swimming pool and a lounge area, where you’ll be able to benefit from the sun’s warmth. A truss across the rear balcony became an ornamental structural element, embellishing the courtyard. a definite traditional-like design line was kept both, inside and outside. The major material utilized in defining the inner was, as expected, wood. The ceilings, the floors and among the furniture are made up of wood. These enhance the sensation of heat and coziness. Modern splashes of design also are present: the open plan lounge (and the distance division), the couches, the lighting decorations, the upgraded kitchen and bogs.

Mid-Century House in Beverly Hills Converted Into Modern Residence

Studio Jendretzki completed a whole renovation of a mid-century residence initially envisioned by architect Hal Levitt. Located in Beverly Hills, LA, the home (discovered by Freshome on Design Milk) has an extremely modern appearance throughout and a superb level of openness. Many of the partitions of the initial project were replaced as a way to create an optimum indoor-outdoor connection and the swimming pool was reconfigured to raised follow the home.
With the aid of sliding glass doors, the lounge is usually extended towards the pool deck. The social zone is visually delimited through dividing walls serving either as bookshelves or fireplace & TV stand. The wood floors adds an inviting feeling throughout. All interior decorations spell out “modern”, while also exhibiting personality. Lighting is ensured by numerous spots within the ceiling which at night are “joined” by the fiber-optic starts within the swimming pool.

Of Shapes and Geometry: L-Shaped House in Greece by Potiropoulos D+L Architects

This lovely clean-lined house located in Nikaia, Larissa, Greece is an inspiration for the architects resulting from its flawless design. The L-shaped project designed by Now, let’s come again to that design discipline we were talking about. The house’s L-shape makes possible the mixing of the total project (including the swimming pool) right into a rectangle. It’s all in regards to the power of geometry. The horizontal openings encourage a dialogue with the natural light, allowing the sun to sneak inside. The inner is characterised by high ceilings, transparence and spaciousness. a pitcher staircase dominates the core of the lounge, making the vertical circulation possible.