Dark And Cold Old House Completely Transformed Right into a Bright and Eco-Friendly Home

The dark and cold old Chestnut Hill Residence, a home built in 1983, went through radical changes and have become the golf green dream house the owners always wanted. The renewal of the old quirky residence located in Brookline, Massachusetts, was completed by  A+SL Studios and OMA. The renewal consisted of a new passage added along the south side and better ceilings within the lounge. The result: a happy-bright, contemporary interior and a beautiful living ambience. “The owners’ growing family and fervour for green design mandated an entire reappraisal of the inner spaces and their connection to the positioning, in addition to technological upgrades to augment the house’s original mission and to make an up-to-date sustainability statement.”
One of the key advantages is unquestionably the view. Peaceful and relaxing, the environment may be easily “accessed” from the intimacy of the lounge. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow the owners to benefit from the beautiful site and feel more connected to the character than before. The usage of eco-friendly materials qualifies the home as ideal for the owners, that have a deep respect towards the character. The glossy white furniture blends wonderful with wooden floor and window frames.