Contemporary Garden Room Built on a Strict Budget by Capital A Architecture

Garden Room is a project designed by Capital A Architecture in Edinburgh, a home extension requested by the landlord, when more space was needed. Envisioned as a secondary lounge, the Garden Room brings light and luminosity to the home and it establishes a higher reference to the outside. It offers great views of the garden and it creates an interesting ambience, especially during fall when the season changes its colours. “The room is 4.5m square, with two walls of glass providing an uninterrupted view of the garden, like massive HD televisions. The roof overhang works several ways; drawing the attention down, towards the garden and faraway from the sky, when viewed from inside. By providing a sheltered, intermediate zone at the outside, it also caps off the garden room, making it appear bigger, framing a chic, horizontal proportion.” The Garden Room, which was built from scratch, has a steel frame structure, glass as opposed to walls and a cut out within the ceiling, letting where breathe. It’s a great place for reading and it favours contemplation. Inspiring peacefulness and assuredly decorated, the impeccable house-extension was built on a strict budget: less than £30,000.