Japanese Architecture With a Playful Dimension: House in Ofuna

House in Ofuna is an unconventional Japanese home envisioned by LEVEL Architects and found in Kamakura City. Its volumetric architecture approach is extremely original and lines elements with a twist: “The cutaway corner is in a position to establish an instantaneous view onto the small hills west of the home, in addition to retaining privacy from the road below. Using natural wood material for the extruded volume itself allowed the design to include a difficult edge on the cutaway corner, making a sharp and distinct separation from the remainder of the design“, explained the architects.
All interiors encircle a terrace, home to a wonderful tree. The primary level accommodates the bedrooms, while the second one hosts a living/dining/kitchen space with a ceiling height of greater than 3.5 meters. This actual area of the home is stuffed with natural light all day long and allows the family to have interaction in a healthy, playful environment.